četrtek, 23. april 2015

Upgrading MikroTik software

Upgading Mikrotik Version
In this blog, we will talk about upgrading MikroTik software, to a newer version. This can be done in two ways.
If your router has a QuickSet option you can upgrade it there with one click on the Check for upgrades button.
If your router doesn’t have that option, then you need to manually download the upgrade software from MikroTik website.
So here is how you do it.
Open the site www.mikrotik.com. On the first site, click the download tab. Choose the family of your router. If you have a RB951 something, something, like I do, then choose the RB9XX.
There you will see the download software packages. I usually download the full package.
Unzip the ZIP file once you downloaded it. Open WinBox and click FILES button. Drag and drop the extracted packages to the files window and wait for it to copy.

Once is done copying just click the SYSTEM\REBOOT and let the router reboot. When the router comes back online it will have the new software installed.
If you want to upgrade just a part of the router that is possible to. If for example you want just to upgrade your DHCP, you can drop just the DHCP package to files window and the router will upgrade just that part. You can downgrade it the same way if you maybe have problems with the new software. Just pop the old packages to files window and reboot it.

It’s that simple.

I hope this has been of some use to you. May the force be with you, and have a good day.